International Council of Museums
National Committee of Azerbaijan


Dear ICOM members,

Azerbaijan, the Land of Fires, is a country with a rich cultural heritage, an ancient history, and a modern system of development. Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage is widely represented in the country's museums, with new ones being built with each passing year. Corresponding to modern requirements, restored museums, located within architectural monuments, pursue new ways to present material using multimedia features and technical innovations.

Today’s museums are not only centers of old artifacts, but are also cultural and educational centers that provide a platform for interaction between people of different ages and social groups, and for the creation of interesting leisure activities. ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee was established in 1993. It unites 43 museums located in Baku and in other cities within Azerbaijan. Every year, new members, both individual and institutional, join our committee, presenting new projects and ideas. Our main aim is to keep in touch with museum specialists; help them with their needs; maintain good relations between museums and other communities; hold conferences and seminars; and invite highly skilled specialists to exchange experiences with our museums’ staff.

The dynamics of cultural life of Azerbaijan in recent years is impressive. We believe that ICOM will be the driving force that will help young professionals forge a successful career within the museum world, bring to Azerbaijan’s museums a new impetus, and develop extensive integration within the international museum community.


Director of the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum, Associate Professor of Art History Department, Azerbaijan State Fine Arts Academy

Chairman, ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee

Dr. Shirin Y.Melikova,


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