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Azərbaycan milli komitəsi

Conference venue and practical information

Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum

The conference will be hosted by ICOM Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum at the museum’s building situated close to the Baku National Seaside Park.

The museum, established in 1967, opened its first exhibition in 1972, at the 19th century Juma Mosque located in Baku’s Icherisheher (Old City). From 1992 the Museum was located in the Museum Center (former Lenin Museum). In 2014, the museum moved into the modern building resembling a rolled carpet and designed by the Austrian architect Franz Janz.

The exhibition of the museum demonstrates the history of Azerbaijani carpet weaving, flatwoven and pile carpets, traditional costumes and embroideries, and hammered copper wares widely used in everyday life. The museum also displays the collection of traditional women’s and men’s jewelry.

As one of the main storage spaces for Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage, the museum is a research, training, cultural and educational center which holds international exhibitions, symposiums, and conferences.
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Useful information

To simplify the visa procedure, one can apply to the “ASAN Visa” online system to get the electronic Standard Visa (within 3 days) or Urgent Visa (within 3 hours, regardless of non-working days and holidays). For detailed information, please visit:


For air travel, Azerbaijan Airlines operates regular flights to Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport from many countries, for details please see


The suggested hotels will be within maximum 15 minutes walking distance from the conference venue, Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum.


Travel within Baku
In Baku, you can use the foll owing transport systems: metro (underground/subway) and bus.

To make use of bus or metro, you need at first to purchase BakiKart from transport terminals. The card price is 2 manats. This card can also be used for the Airport shuttle service.

The cost of one way by bus is 0.30 manat or 30 gapik (coin version of manat) in the radius of 10 kilometers, but it can be higher for a long distance. The price for going to or from the airport is 1.30 manat.

The metro is a very practical transport, trains run every two or three minutes. Fares are cheap, 0.30 manat or 30 gapik per ride. The trains operate from 6:00 am to 12:00 midnight.

There are many app based taxi services available in Baku. You can check Uber, Bolt and Taxify mobile riding apps. To know the directions from one location to another one, it is advisable to use


Foreigners or stateless persons temporarily staying in the Republic of Azerbaijan for more than 15 days (as well as when they change their place of stay) should apply to the management of the place he/she stays (hotel, sanatorium, rest home, boarding house, camping, tourist base, hospital or other similar public places) or the owner of the apartment or other place of accommodation in order to get registered upon place of stay by the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan without paying any state fee.
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